Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Photographer


Hi, I’m Joanne – I’m a mum to two beautiful children Ritchie and Amara and wife to my gorgeous husband Graeme (I have to say gorgeous – just incase he reads this) 😉  Without his support my photography career would probably be non existent!  I could never have achieved what I have had he not been there to cook me suppers, bath the kids and put up with my endless buying of books and studying oh and computer addiction!  I love everything about what I do from weddings to those gorgeous newborns, children and my self portraits which I hope reflects in my work in being that little bit more creative.

I want to be able to capture those precious moments that pass us by so quickly but yet remain a firm memory.

My blog is about showing some of my work, but yet I want to share a little of what I find interesting so I hope you will enjoy my mad ramblings.  x


2 responses to “About

  1. anne October 8, 2010 at 11:09

    Hi Joanne, took a look at your site and just love the images – the knitting is lovely too!
    Must organise some family shots of my kids, they would love your style.

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