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Baby Harley arrives

Goodness I go from one week without posting anything to mass uploads the next.  How could I not share posting these uber cute pictures of baby Harley who was about 7 days old when these shots were taken.  He had the most perfect skin, gorgeous spiky hair and had the best baby smell I have ever smelt.

Congratualtions to Mike, Natalie and big brother Mikey.



New Props

If there is anything I love about photographing children it’s all the fun and funky props that I’m forever searching for.  However, I discovered I spent a small fortune buying props!!!!    I like to make sure that every session doesn’t look the same and that I can offer my clients something that nobody else has.  I know it’s not always possible but I DO try.  I’ve seen me drag my mum to car boot sales, hobbey craft shops and thrift shops lol in the search for that treasure prop.  I bought two knitting books the other day determined to knit these cute little pants.  After spending a whole day, knitting and unknitting and knitting and unknitting I gave up, popper the needles and wool in a bag along with the book and gave it to my Granny.  I’m determined to try it again but I so desperealtely want these little pants for my next baby session.

Anyway just wanted to share a few of my recent props with you all.

Knitting = Photography Props

Ok, so anyone that knows me knows I will try anything to make my pictures look better.  I’ve tried hairbows – which I can make okaish, Tutu’s are down to a tee and knitting, which has taken more than one attempt *sigh*!!!!   I’ve downloaded many patterns, attempted many a hat and given up, but thanks to my mother-in-law for explaining quite a simple pattern I have finally finished my first EVER decent project at the ripe old age of 35!  Actually that is a wee lie because I think I made willie warmers in my teenage years (blue if I remember correctly).  I’m soooooo excited I could crush a grape  lol.

This has taken me at least 4 attempts.  The second time the wool was in a knot and my lovely mother-in-law sorted it for me and helped me on my way.  Then I messed it up and finished the tail wrong so had to start again.  I think this happened a couple more times and I thought “one more go and that’s it” I was gonna give up if it didn’t work.  However, I have to admit that I DID NOT GIVE UP!  It’s not perfect and I can only get better the more I try and my intention would be to sell them in colours of your choice but I’ll let you know when I’m up to scratch and get the seal of approval from the Mother-in-law (who has a name I’ll have you know) Hazel as it is!!!!!! My mum is also a brill knitter so I’m convincing her to knit some too!

My model is the lovely Annabel who posed ever so well 🙂

For anyone looking for cool colours of wool/yarn then you need to check out http://www.cucumberpatch.co.uk/ and are very quick with their delivery.

Custom made Tutu’s

I’ve been making these for a while now and use them when photographing little girls. They are absolutely adorabley gorgeous and you can basically have them in any colour. I am now selling these so if there is a particular colour you are after then please let me know. Please email for details and prices.

Goodness, I don’t think I’ve posted so many times in one week! 😉

Cute Bundles

I know I said I would blog more but it would help if I could remember my password to get in. It normally takes me about half an hour or I figure it out!

Anyway, on Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous little girl called Murron. Her name is from the film Braveheart and she sooooo suits it. She had the cutest, little face and was an absolute joy to photograph. It was rather tricky in getting her to sleep with a few piddly accidents on the way but who cares when you get shots as gorgeous as she was. So mum, dad and I sat and waited and chatted and had numerous cups of tea until little Murron fell asleep.

Things have been pretty hectic with me these past few weeks but I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Little Man

Not only does Cody have Auntie Joanne to deliver him but he has his own personal photographer ;-), how could I not resist taking his photo? Mum, Dad and Cody arrived just after lunch time in which they were here till about supper time. Cody likes to stay wakened most of the day you see………. and likes to sleep all night!! Lucky for mum and dad but not for me. We had to wait a good while until we got him into that sleepy, drunk like state that is soooooo cute. Anyone who says photographing babies is a breeze is lying, I have to admit that I do love photographing them though. The hat and wrap were knitted by my 80 year old Granny (Cody’s Great Granny), she’s on her third one while I’m still trying to knit my first ;-(

Oh we also made the papers today……..pic to follow soon 😉


OMG…….what is there not to love about newborns? This is Molly a gorgeous 3 week old baby girl who I had the pleasure of photographing on Tuesday. I couldn’t resist sharing this one as she looks absolutely adorable. Little Molly however was rather curious and wanted to see what was going on so there was lots of waiting till mum got her sleeping before we could place her where we wanted, but oh no……….up she got again ;-). When you photograph babies you can’t rush it, you have to take your time and go with the flow otherwise you don’t get the shots you want. I was lucky enough to hang around for a good while, enjoying cups of tea and getting lots of little cuddles from baby Molly. More to come from this shoot soon…….. My little sisters baby was due last Sat and I’m waiting patiently to kidnap him/her for some serious newborn photos. She knows the sex of the baby and I think I’m about the only one who doesn’t as I chose not to know. My guess it’s a boy though!! We helped her move house last night (mad girl). Hopefully this will get her going though….so watch out for lots and lots of newborns flooding my site 😉