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Not long till Christmas!

OMG…… how long till Christmas?  6 weeks I believe.  Where has the time gone?  As usual I’ve been meaning to keep you updated with regular post updates but I’ve failed miserably again.  I’ve been so busy with photo shoots, editing and stupidly re-decorating the house.  Not just one room but five!  Not a good idea at this time of year when your trying to stay organised.

I’ve got loads of images I want to share and I will get round to uploading, however I’ve just finished editing this batch and I couldn’t resist putting up a couple of images of the gorgeous little Katie.  She’s only 2 but wanted me to keep on taking her picture lol!




Baby Harley arrives

Goodness I go from one week without posting anything to mass uploads the next.  How could I not share posting these uber cute pictures of baby Harley who was about 7 days old when these shots were taken.  He had the most perfect skin, gorgeous spiky hair and had the best baby smell I have ever smelt.

Congratualtions to Mike, Natalie and big brother Mikey.


OMG it’s October already! Get your Christmas Shoot booked now!

Where on earth has the time gone?

I’ve been meaning to upload some of the shoots I’ve been doing lately but as usual I’ve fell way behind mainly due to the hecticness of trying to finish off my studio, which is well under way and looking good.  I’m super excited and can’t wait to share some pics with you.

If your like me and thinking about Christmas already and what to get the parents/Granny’s and Grandas for Christmas why not book a session with Amara Ritchie Photography and pop a lovely pic in as a Christmas gift!  Dates are filling up rather quickly so if your thinking about it – book now to be guaranteed Christmas delivery.

I’ve included a few shots of a gorgeous 8 month old baby girl called Lily who had the biggest eyes I have ever seen.

Oh to be 21 AGAIN!

I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful girl called Sarah today who was given a photoshoot as a gift for her 21st from her parents.  (Pretty cool parents if you ask me).  We decided on a nice hotel Meldrum House which is absolutely stunning.  I wanted to share a couple of images from todays shoot with you, I really didn’t have to edit much at all as Sarah has the most gorgeous skin and pretty face that I could have uploaded them straight from the camera.

Sarah has kindly let me share these images with you and if I looked as good as her I’d want them plastered all over the place lol!!

I have so many other shoots to share with you that I’ve done over the past few days and weeks that I hope to eventually get round to uploading and updating my site and blog.  For now though I’ve been concentrating on my studio (which is almost there) even though I haven’t done much work.  It’s all thanks to my gorgeous husband and his friends.  You see – men do come in useful sometimes 😉

So, have a great weekend everyone and if you fancy booking a boudoir shoot for yourself or guys if you want to book one for your pretty lady as a surprise, give me a shout for some more details.

New Props

If there is anything I love about photographing children it’s all the fun and funky props that I’m forever searching for.  However, I discovered I spent a small fortune buying props!!!!    I like to make sure that every session doesn’t look the same and that I can offer my clients something that nobody else has.  I know it’s not always possible but I DO try.  I’ve seen me drag my mum to car boot sales, hobbey craft shops and thrift shops lol in the search for that treasure prop.  I bought two knitting books the other day determined to knit these cute little pants.  After spending a whole day, knitting and unknitting and knitting and unknitting I gave up, popper the needles and wool in a bag along with the book and gave it to my Granny.  I’m determined to try it again but I so desperealtely want these little pants for my next baby session.

Anyway just wanted to share a few of my recent props with you all.

3 Weeks and counting ……….

Today I photographed my gorgeous friend Natalie who has only 3 weeks left till baby is due, yep that’s right 3 weeks left! She walked into my house today wearing a gorgeous “non maternity maxi dress” and cool denim jacket looking not pregnant!! I think I said something along the lines of “where’s the bump”? She is so tiny and as I remember back to when she was pregnant first time round with her son Mikey she was exactly the same then! Some people are so lucky. Not only is she pregnant and gorgeous, she’s one of the nicest people I have ever met and I love her loads, she’s my drinking buddy too ha ha! Anyway, I wanted to share a few of the shots from today. I will be uploading some more on my site very soon.

So for all you pregnant ladies out there, who want to remember how beautiful you look when your pregnant……… call me 😉

Much Cuuuuteness!

Well after posting on my Facebook page and blog for a newborn baby girl I had the pleasure of stealing this gorgeous little thing.  Little Sophie was super cute and so good – well apart from peeing all over me but I suppose that comes with the job ;-).

There were a couple of props I wanted to try out, one being a saddle which didn’t quite work out as I had hoped but I will persevere till I get it the way I want.  I also loved using this gorgeous dogs bed made by a very talented friend of mine Sirah Parks.  Thought I would share a couple of pics with you, so here are some of my faves:

WANTED – 1-10 day old baby girl with hair!!

Yes I know it’s a little random title for a blog post but I wanted to be pretty specific about what I want lol.

As much as I love what I do sometimes time doesn’t allow me to photograph what I want to and the best way to go about that is to advertise  a free sitting.

I’m looking to photograph a baby girl within 10 days old with a mass of dark hair wearing a range of props that I have.  If you are keen to have your baby girl photographed in exchange for some free images please free to contact me and I will explain in more detail.

Wedding Albums

Goodness it’s been a wee while since I did a blog post but I’ve been so busy with shoots and editing that I’ve not had time to upload anything.  I just wanted to tell you all about a new album I can offer.  It’s a gorgeous retro/vintage style that is so pretty that you wouldn’t want to ever hide it away.  It’s fully digital and they come in various different styles and sizes.  This one below is one of my personal favourites and I cant wait to getting round to designing one.

I’m still offering the gorgeous Queensberry Albums that are hand made in New Zealand but how could one not resist adding these to my album collection!!

I have loads of new pics to post when I get round to it and a wedding this Saturday so fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain.

Tea Stain

Thought I would share this Friday Funny pic ;-), I’ve been dying to use this tea cup and saucer that I got from my Granny.  I don’t know the correct age of them but I believe they are at least a 150 years old.  I was a little nervous taking them out the box and am glad to have finally been able to produce a picture using them.

Today I had the urge to shoot a pic for the first time really in ages. I’ve also been jotting down a few ideas that have been in my head for a wee while now and I was supposed to do one of them today but it’s too cold to go outside!

I would highly recommend that if you ever try a shot like this to be prepared beforehand, as trying to figure things out while wearing a bandage round your head doesn’t really allow you much visibility if you catch my drift!!! As I walked down the stairs into the kitchen Amara just looked at me, asked what on earth I was doing and carried on drawing her picture as if it was part of normal day life for her lol. I’ve also discovered that I’m not actually that good at wrapping my head in bandages successfully!

Tomorrow I have my very first underwater shoot with a film camera and I think I’m gonna need all the luck in the world and hope to hell I don’t drown.