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New Product Alert! – Funky Wall Art

I’m excited to show you all my latest wall art product.  It’s a fab and funky new way to display your photos.  They come in various sizes and you can have whatever you want from single images to text and much much more.

What is it?

This particular one is a series of images adhered to solid wood structures and united on a larger background which produces a hanging three-dimensional effect.

Do they come in different shapes and sizes?

Yes, there are many to choose from and can be personalised to suit any room in your house.

Are they expensive?

They are affordable and vary in price, there is something for everyone.


Focus on Imaging@ Birmingham NEC – WOW

I am just back from Focus in Imaging which is held yearly at Birmingham NEC and I’m whacked!

I walked for miles and still got lost every time I tried to find the exit even on day 3.

So what’s new for this year I hear you say?  Well……I will be supplying new and funky fabulous wall art.  There will be new albums offered for my weddings which I know your gonna love and I’m just so excited I wanted to share it with you all.  I also joined the MPA (Master Photographers Association) basically the MPA is the premier professional organisation for Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Master Photographers. It’s going to be hard work I’m sure but well worth it in the end.

Oooooh and watch out for a competition coming soon to celebrate the launch of my new kids website 😉

My love for red heads continue

how could I possibly not share this shoot with you guys?  My intention was to only do one shoot but when I seen this little lassie I totally melted.

This was taken on a very cold day but little Kirsty did so well and had this really funny way of pulling the most amazingly stupid faces which I could not help but laugh at.

A vintage fairytale photo shoot

Sometimes I have a vision in my head of how I want a photo shoot to look and what kind of model I want to use. Ahhhhh the joys of advertising on facebook for the type of  model I want is a fab way of getting the right person for the job!

Meet Josie, she’s exactly what I was after for this photo session.  It was absolutely freezing cold but this gorgeous little girl was perfect in helping me achieve the images I had envisioned.  I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed photographing her.

Sonny – 2nd attempt!

Meet Sonny…… how cuuuuute is he?

Ha ha, I must be jinxed with this little guy as this is my second attempt at uploading my blog post and the second time I had to shoot him.  The first time he arrived he was having none of it!!!  We just could not get him settled at all which apparently wasn’t like him.   He wasn’t a happy little bunny at all so I asked them to come back and I’m so glad I did because not long after the first session poor Sonny was sick.  I always tell my clients not to stress if their child becomes ill or is not cooperating as some times kids have bad days just like us grown ups!

Anyway just to let you all know that the mini sessions are booking up fast with some times still available so please get in touch if you would like to book a slot.



A fabulous one off offer!!!  Book a session for your child/children on Feb 12th & 13th for just £35!  Sessions are already filling up quickly.  There will be two gorgeous set ups which make fab backgrounds for these sessions.  On booking I will happily advise outfits.

What do I get?

  • 15 min photo session for 1-3 children
  • 5-10 high resolution images supplied on a printed disc

A BONUS  FREE card design  for printing sized at 6×4″ and 5×7″

Please call Joanne 01467 671727 to book your slot!

Copyright and Protecting your images as a Photographer!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a fab time , I certainly did and this year will hopefully be just as exciting as last if not better.

So what’s the gossip? Welllllll my studio is all but finished.  All that is left is minor tweaking such as painting cupboard doors, replacing a studio bulb (that my son broke) and filling it with pictures which shouldn’t be so difficult since I’m a photographer right?

So what am I up to? – At the moment I’ve not long finished rebranding and in the middle of updating blogs, websites, designing, buying props – you name it I’m doing it.  One of the things I’m excited to tell you about is frame designs for your home, making your life that little bit simpler when it comes to choosing your images and deciding what you would like to buy.  Many clients are overwhelmed by the choice they are faced with when it comes to deciding what they want so I want to make life that little bit easier for everyone.

One thing that I will be doing this year is supplying each client with a 72dpi watermarked print of each image purchased Why? Well many of you have digital photo frames, laptops, Facebook, relatives that live abroad and you want to share those precious images of your loved ones.  I’ve seen time and time again people and blog posts where people scan or even photograph a print they had taken from a professional photographer and use as screenshots, profile pics or even reprints.  Can you imagine how frustrating this is for the photographer seeing their work reproduced at a terrible quality?

Here is an interesting article I read that I think you may find interesting http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=90370908731

I agree wholeheartedly with Shannon Holdens blog post


You may ask, “But if I pay the photographer to create portraits of my own child or family, don’t I own those images?” Quite simply, no. When a photographer creates an image of your child during your session, she owns the copyright to each and every image. By purchasing prints or other artwork created with the images, you have permission to enjoy the images in your home or office, or share them with family. You do not have permission to copy those images. This includes home scanners and printers, or photo stations at drug stores and supermarts.

“But what is one little scan going to hurt? I invested a lot of money in my session.” I am always thankful for each and every one of my clients, and I appreciate the value of the investment you have entrusted to me. Photography is not only my passion, it is how I support my family. I have chosen this career because I am passionate about it, but I also work to pay the bills. My income is a necessary part of our family’s cash flow. Just one or two people scanning may not impact my business, but imagine if it were more than a few? What if several clients purchased just one 5×7 of their favorite image, scanned it, and printed 8×10s at Supermart to give to all their relatives. That would start to cut into my income, which would in turn influence my prices as I would have to make up for that loss in income.

Scanned images also devalue my work, as the scans will often result in poor quality reproductions of the image. This impacts my reputation as a photographer, which also impacts the health of my business.

“What is the difference in a print release and relinquishing your copyright?” If you purchase a digital negative from me, you are not purchasing the copyrights to the image. I am not giving up any of my rights as an artist. Instead, you are purchasing a license which allows you to reprint the image for your own personal use (or for business use, if and only if that is part of the license agreement we both sign). You may print enlargements, holiday cards, post it on your personal blog, etc. because my license gives you permission to do so. I still own the creative rights to the work, which means you may not make any profit off that image commercially, present it as your own work, or make artistic alterations to it.

“Aren’t you flattered that someone would want to use your photograph on a commercial site?” Sure, I am! I’m flattered every time I hear from a new client interested in my work. But because I am a professional photographer, because this is my career and my source of income, I simply cannot give away my work. (Ok, when I win the lottery, I’ll start giving away photographs for free. Until then, my checkbook and my accountant won’t let me.) I must guard the value and my ownership of my work and choose carefully where and how it is used, especially in commercial endeavors.

Another artists work I really enjoy is a girl called Lara Jade.  I loved her self portraits and reading her blog and  I remember reading a while back about a company that had stolen one of her images to use on a Pornographic CD, she was just 14 at the time!   Shocking I know, but this is what some people do, steal images.

Read the article here http://www.plagiarismtoday.com/2010/09/17/breaking-news-lara-jade-coton-awarded-130000-in-damages/, I hope this is a warning to many who consider using images without permission.

I would love to hear your feedback on this, whether you’re an amateur or pro photographer, client or potential client .


Not long till Christmas!

OMG…… how long till Christmas?  6 weeks I believe.  Where has the time gone?  As usual I’ve been meaning to keep you updated with regular post updates but I’ve failed miserably again.  I’ve been so busy with photo shoots, editing and stupidly re-decorating the house.  Not just one room but five!  Not a good idea at this time of year when your trying to stay organised.

I’ve got loads of images I want to share and I will get round to uploading, however I’ve just finished editing this batch and I couldn’t resist putting up a couple of images of the gorgeous little Katie.  She’s only 2 but wanted me to keep on taking her picture lol!



Mhairi & David Beattie

Congratulations to Mhairi and David who got married on Saturday 23rd October at Logie Buchan Church.

Although very cold Mhairi and David’s wedding was just lovely.  The church was in the back of beyond…….it was like a little secret church in the middle of a field (kind of) and apparently is ever only used about twice a year.  Also to my surprise was the same minister that married my husband and myself 8 years ago which was a pleasant surprise.

Mhairi wore this gorgeous lace style dress in which she looked absolutely gorgeous in (my diet begins tomorrow) lol, and she wore a hair piece which was to die for, but best of all she pulled out the wellies from the back of the car for some good old country pics.

Baby Harley arrives

Goodness I go from one week without posting anything to mass uploads the next.  How could I not share posting these uber cute pictures of baby Harley who was about 7 days old when these shots were taken.  He had the most perfect skin, gorgeous spiky hair and had the best baby smell I have ever smelt.

Congratualtions to Mike, Natalie and big brother Mikey.